Dating Is Very Expensive

Some love it, some hate it, some are in-between. According to a new poll, quite a pretty penny. Art event planners Paint Nite surveyed 1, married people about the ins and outs of dating in this country circa now, and came away with a clearer picture of the way we date each other — and how many Benjamins we wind up spending before we get married and continue to spend money on epxensive presumably — just not with the deep-down someday goal of marrying the person, or the next person, or the next person we're dating.

Here's what Paint Nite which, by the way, seems like a fun way to spend an evening found about the amount of money the average American spends on dating before they "settle down" I've always deeply hated that term — we can't be frisky and excitable and vibrant when we're married?? That is a lot of money! But overall, you might find yourself coughing up a fifth of a hundred thousand dollars just on dating alone in your existence.

We Date For About Five And A Half Years Dating Before Tying The Knot From start to finish. From first date ever, as a little gap-toothed year-old or whatever, to first date dating is very expensive as a married couple, the week after you declare, "Till death do us part," or some such vow. But, again — this is average. And the trouble with an averaged statistic is that it can be really problematic to compare it to your cery life.

For example, 44 of the 1, married people said they dated for plus years before marriage. Were they, by chance, New Yorkers? Datign, I jest, but according to the region breakdown of these figures, 17 of those people were from the Southeast; vvery from the Northeast; nine from the West; six from the Midwest; and just two from the Southwest. So I was close, dating is very expensive it looks like Southerners have a track record for long dating careers before marriage, which surprises me.

In the end, only 92 people dated for five years before marriage and 56 people dated for six years before marriage, much less than the, say, who only had one year of dating before marriage what!?! Did these dating is very expensive not understand the question they were being asked?! So — who knows. But if you like averages, you'll enjoy that, on average, we date for about five and a half years before getting hitched.

This is dating is very expensive the board, though; predictably, when broken down by gender, men spent a lot more than women per date. People Still Really Think Men Should Pay For Dates It may bebut of survey respondents, 30 percent of women and 52 percent of men think it's best for the man to pay for a date in a heterosexual couple. Yes, 22 percent of women think it should alternate between the man and the woman in a heterosexual couple, and 12 percent of men thought that too, but the staggering consensus was that men should pay.

April 17, at 7: LOL Well as I said, if a woman came at me with expectations about how much I have to spend to take her out then I have expectations of whats going to happen when I the date is done. Don't go talking about you have caviar tastes and can't eat anywhere where the bill is less than 3 digits and think that you aint coming off something on the back end….

Bring no ridiculous expectations and you get none placed on you. April 18, at 5: Just saying, from my experience, that's not unreasonable. However, some women do trick off for guys dating is very expensive do that. Personally, I'm not daitng by how much money a dating is very expensive guy spends. I just expensiev like cheap people. It does seem by your response, that you may be such a person that may dahing all that nickeling and diming.

You can have that, famous examples of carbon dating And the issue was your expectation of sex IF you were to spend that much. That's the problem I had, and still have. Lastly, if a woman came at you with expectations of how much you should spend, then you ought not to date her. However, if you are trying to get to know a lady, then WOO her.

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