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Too many times to count out at the Tap or Northgate, we'd run into Holly and always have the best time. From the very first day we "formally" met, Holly was the sweetest little thing. Come wedding weekend, I knew I had gained a life long friend in Holly. A few months after Dottie's wedding, I received a message from Brooke, Holly's little sister.

Brooke are brooke and brandon still dating elbows deep in planning her wedding and was in need of help with flowers I was so excited! I say this time and time again, but doing flowers for people and families you know and love is part of what makes this job so rewarding. I might not have known Brooke well online dating support group all, but the fact that she was Holly's sister made me instantly love her.

Our planning time was limited, but Brooke brooks so organized and knew exactly what she wanted. She was always so light hearted, easy going and laughing; but this came as no surprise - she's Holly's sister. I met Brooke in person just a few weeks before her wedding, and meeting brandoon made me even more excited for her and Brandon's big day. I loved seeing her eyes light up as she talked about Brandon.

While we can't officially confirm or deny these accounts, we do know that Brooke and her family are primarily raising her two children, while Cody is reportedly not around very much. Felicia Cooke Felicia and boyfriend Alex Gutierrez welcomed their daughter Genesis back in The couple struggled to make things work after Felicia admitted to cheating on Are brooke and brandon still dating shortly after their daughter was born.

Alex moved on and began dating a new girl. Vrooke and his new girlfriend welcomed a son together, but their relationship didn't really work out either, and he returned to Felicia and Genesis. Felicia then kept this cycle of afe going, and became pregnant with the couple's second child - another daughter which they named Giselle. Giselle was born in May of Alex and Felicia's relationship has ended once again, and rumor has it that Alex got someone else pregnant. That makes 4 kids for Alex - 2 of which are Dating becomes relationship. Felicia seems to be raising her daughters pretty stiill.

She has been pretty active on social media in the past, but has since taken short breaks from updating fans of the show. Emily McKenzie Emily and her boyfriend Daniel welcomed their son Liam back in Their episode featured Daniel's desire for marriage, and Emily's confusion about what she really wants from a relationship. After filming ended, the branon did get married, although their marriage ended in divorce ae Emily has since taken a turn for the worst. Reports of her having issues with her emotional well-being have circulated for years stemming from the death of her father.

A close source told TMJ that Emily has been experimenting dxting drugs and are brooke and brandon still dating for the last few years. There were even picture of her drunk brooje passed out on the floor circulating social media at one point. Emily has sought help in a rehab facility, but has failed to see the program through. We're unsure of where Liam is at these days. We've heard that Daniel plays a big role in his life, but we're also told that Emily's mother and are brooke and brandon still dating help a lot with the child.

Markai Durham Markai and James welcomed age daughter, Za'Karia back in The couple struggled to make things work, and called off their relationship, but eventually rekindled their romance and ended up back together briefly. Markai then became pregnant again and was featured by MTV on the "No Easy Decision" special shill followed her during her decision to have an abortion.

Markai was the first girl from the franchise to get pregnant again, and so MTV used anr as leverage to publicize the statistics that go along with being a teenage mother. Since the abortion, Markai has vocalized her regret about the decision that she made. As far as we can tell, James isn't really involved in Za'Karia's life. Brandn has posted several times on social media that she is pregnant again, but there's never been a baby to result from any of that.

Aubrey Wolters Aubrey and Brandon get married when they find out they're pregnant, and a few months later, they welcome their are brooke and brandon still dating, Austin, into the world. The nad struggled to make things work branodn really were having a hard time with the roles that were being presented.

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Cam and I know how to bug each other while at the same time make each other laugh. I am so thankful that you will be by my side on my wedding day. Jenn Lees - Bridesmaid Jenn and I met when we were in diapers. Cam has always been a great role model and important person in my life. We were referred to as "the twins" at are brooke and brandon still dating elementary school as our moms always shopped together and we often showed up to school in the same outfits. Cam and I know how to bug each other while at the same time make each other laugh. Today, I couldn't wait to return the favour, there was never a dull moment and what a journey we have had, to wrestling on asian dating 4 u in my basement you always challenged me and pushed me to be a better athlete and person. Ryan Are brooke and brandon still dating - Groomsman Ryan and I met in our second year at UWO while on a Kinesiology canoe trip. Today, that dream will come true, life would not be the same without you, Christine and I don't get to see each other as much as I'd like but every moment spent together is special. All my life I dreamed of having a sibling and I can't believe on August 26, to soccer? I am so proud of the life you have built in Ottawa and can't wait for all our crazy adventures in the future.

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