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In the early morning of April 14, Minhyuk wrote a letter to fans explaining what happened on the group's official fan cafe. His letter is as follows: This is why I'm giving a simple explanation. Yesterday during the day, I sent my former girlfriend a message. I was curious how she was doing because it's been a while, so I btob hyunsik dating a message that said, 'Why don't I have your number? It wasn't a meaningful message, and I was just asking how she was doing in passing.

However, it seems I've made a silly mess. Her boyfriend may have been angry as he left a comment on my Instagram expressing his unhappiness. Despite the reason I sent the message, I was in the wrong for sending a message without knowing she has a boyfriend. This has made me realize that it's immature to think of past relationships.

The group formed in is an acronym for Born to Beat, which consists of 7 members who are Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon and Sungjae. Most of the members of BtoB are multitalented. Not just singing, but some of them can rap, write lyrics, compose songs, act, active in sports etc. According to Eunkwang, he is in a relationship with music. He has never been asked out by any female celebrities which are probably why he is still single.

His Ideal Type However, a love line between Eunkwang and EXO leader, Suho has been a town story. Eunkwang as a man admitted that Seulgi of Red Velvet is the prettiest girl idol currently. Currently, Btob hyunsik dating has no dating gossip but who knows maybe this guy is being smart covering his relationship from the media. Unrequited Love But Minhyuk admitted that he has been in a one-sided relationship before. The girl has a lot of similarities with him such as height, blood type, apartment btob hyunsik dating etc.

Minhyuk has confessed his feeling five times towards her, but their relationship did not last long. However, since he has been an idol, Minhyuk has also joined a romantic btob hyunsik dating show, Romantic and Idol Season 2 where he was in a conflict of choosing Yewon of Jewelry and Jiwon of Spica. Changsub There is no single dating rumor btob hyunsik dating Changsub with a woman so far.

Whether he prefers focusing on his career btob hyunsik dating having a love commitment is a question only he can answer. Romantic Free muslim dating australia in Umji Despite having zero dating rumor, Changsub has shown interest in Umji of G-Friend. On the show, The Boss is Watching, Changsub was asked btob hyunsik dating he wants to bring on a trip and he chose Umji. Hyunsik Similar to the other members, Hyunsik currently has not been associated with any girl.

Being an idol who is also a song composer, Hyunsik probably is too busy to fall in love.

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