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The height-obsessed users of Tinder would uvy this. The League Now for the moment of truth The League Nope, not quite. Or at least not yet. I was going to have to wait. But at least dating app ivy league friend's VIP status on the app meant I was bumped to the top of the list. The League While waiting to get in, I was able to play around with my profile. I wish Bishop ca dating could take "Tinder Booster" off since I only follow that account for work, but I can't.

The League Thankfully, I CAN take away the photo of me and my ex that auto-populated the app, though. I know from an interview with datlng online-dating expert that ex photos can be a deal breaker. The League Click here to read more about why you shouldn't post photos with your ex on dating sites. A few hours after joining the waitlist, I got in! The League They like me, lvy really like me! Reading the rules, I find it interesting that I only get to pick from a few guys per day. I guess that makes each match more special, but it doesn't sound as fun dating app ivy league Tinder.

The League A cute but fake "concierge" sent me the ground rules. The League There are a lot of ground rules. Also, I'm pretty wary of anyone who uses the word "classy" unironically. The League Okay, can I see some guys already? It took a few minutes to load. The League When they finally appeared, I didn't end up liking that many of them. It felt cold and clinical to analyze people based on stats like their alma mater, height, and occupation. Tinder feels like a cocktail party where you're constantly flirting with people you like.

The League And once I did "like" someone, if he hadn't liked me back, he stayed on the screen instead of disappearing as unfulfilled matches do on Tinder. This gave me some light feelings of rejection ,eague I never experience while using Tinder. The League is the most exclusive dating app. Founded by Stanford grad Amanda Bradford, The League sets out to match ambitious, interesting professionals in San Francisco and New York City with other ambitious, interesting professionals.

You log in with your Facebook profile, but unlike any apps, The League also asks for your LinkedIn information. I joined the waitlist in last place at ,—which is more ddating than the town I grew up in—but was rushed to the head of the line because, you know, I know people. Where you went to college is listed at the top. The League pulls directly from your LinkedIn and Facebook, which is a hit or dating app ivy league miss, because the Profession listed is not my current position.

At least I look good in my profile pic. Unlike Tinder, you can actually search by height 6 feet and up peague The Matches The League only gives you five matches per day. At 5pm, five new matches pop up. App addicts may cringe about this but I personally liked the idea of reading through each profile versus mindlessly swiping. The matches themselves ranged in hotness and uk dating sites 100 free of intrigue but a few things kept popping up.

Very impressive professional resumes. Bankers, professors, doctors, guys who work in political think tanks; everyone was career-driven. Plenty of Ivy League men and advanced degrees. No educational dating app ivy league, here. Nearly every guy I saw had travel as an interest in his profile, especially international travel. Get your passport ready. Just your average members of The League, from theleague Instagram The Good The League delivers on its promise of quality over quantity.

The men are definitely more professionally-minded than they are on other dating apps. I LOVE that height and education are listed. Five matches per day is enough for me.

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PARAGRAPH. Five matches per day is enough for me. At least I look good in my profile pic. Overall Thumbs up for The League. The app also froze for me. You log in with your Facebook profile, I had a guy whose main profile photo was a selfie with Donald Trump, I know people. PARAGRAPH. Get your passport ready. Where you went to college is listed at the top. The matches themselves ranged in hotness and level of intrigue but a few things kept popping up. If you can get off the waitlist, I dating app ivy league done. I end up deleting the app and happily use the extra space for more Spotify playlists. It dating app ivy league plays out the same: I download the app, but unlike any apps.

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