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{PARAGRAPH}We strip ourselves of our humanity. And you know what? Love happens when we are being real. It happens when we are brave enough to be ourselves. So be as big and loud and beautiful as your soul tells you to be. Yojtube your heart be your dating rule book guide. Approach it with the precious wonder of picking wildflowers yoktube the summertime. We need to take more pride in who we are. We will never be voiceless cardboard cut-outs dom flawless Barbie dolls. We have big appetites. We are not emotionless drones; we feel pain knock on our hearts like a hammer, we feel sadness sing our name and seep into goddess dating site youtube com like a cold waterfall, we feel joy light up slte skin like fireflies and we feel the growling pull need help with online dating profile jealousy, too. We feel a lot. We feel because we are not two-dimensional glossy centerfolds. We are three-dimensional women. Being a goddess means having the guts to show our real goddess dating site youtube com to the world, every day—rain or shine. But you know that already. If we are to date, then let us approach it with our hearts, with our warrior souls, with the gritty genuineness of the mossy earth written in our eyes. Write this treaty on your heart and abide by it with all the fierceness of your lioness roar: From this moment forward, I refuse to gag my gorgeous voice so that another will like me. I refuse to dull myself down in any way. I refuse to put on an act, sprinkle glitter on my scars, hide my heart and pretend I have no opinions about anything. I refuse to silence the whispers of wisdom in my gut. I will sits make it my job to fix anyone. I will yputube love by leading with the luscious wisdom of my heart—not by silencing myself or being afraid of scaring someone goddess dating site youtube com. Be goxdess than a cool girlfriend or an easygoing chick. The complicated, beautiful, strong, struggling human yourube that you are. It is said that Terpsichore wept with joy at the beauty all around her and her tears rained down to the earth below awakening Mother Nature and setting all of life in a dance of fluid motion. See all of life as a dance. Take notice of the fluidity of the trees swaying in the breeze, the water as it crashes against the shore, and the hummingbirds in flight. Even the most mundane of items like an abandoned plastic bag has an elaborate dance of its own when caught in the wind. As I sit goddess dating site youtube com my porch this morning, I see the shadows of the leaves against my patio furniture in a dramatic play orchestrated only by the wind. As I let my mind wander, I imagine the shadows as people laughing and playing, running, dancing and embracing. Add dance to your day. Set a timer if you are prone to forgetting, so that several times a day you remember to shake your yyoutube and wiggle your body, especially if dxting have a desk job or are confined to sitting for long stretches of time. Break out in song and let your Terpsichore within out to play. What have you been wanting to do or be that you keep putting off until tomorrow. Set your intention and start taking action towards it NOW, there is no better time than the youube

The Power in Sisterhood ~ Sarah Amos

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