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Monica ran to the car with her own gun, blew out the window of car, unlocked the door. She was determined to save him. I continued telling him that I loved him, God loved him, and it was gonna be OK. When I asked him, did it hurt, you know, he tried to say something back. But, I touched him. And I could still feel life in him. And that allowed me not to give up," she said. It took 20 minutes for the paramedics to arrive.

Monica says she knows the online dating northern ireland free why Weems committed suicide, but says she won't reveal it. She said, "I'll never tell anybody why. Because he didn't tell it. He didn't leave a note. He didn't call home. And it'll stay with me, until we see each other again. She has learned to channel her pain into her music and has found who was monica dating in her life. Still, in a sense, Monica says, she remains living in two separate worlds "I'm very comfortable with the who was monica dating that I've become through all of those experiences.

I don't make stupid mistakes anymore. You know I don't subject myself to unnecessary pain," she said. And for fans it may be difficult as well to unite the image of the glamorous woman with a beautiful voice, with the stories about one ex-boyfriend in jail facing murder charges and another who committed suicide. Rolling Stone proclaimed it as "closer to soul's source Blige and adult-contemporary sirens like Toni Braxton ," [19] while AllMusic called the album an "irresistible sounding [and] immaculately crafted musical backdrop [ All Eyez on Me and After the Storm[ edit ] InMonica made her film debut in nhs naughty dating offer code third drama from MTV FilmsLove Song, as Camille Livingston, a young woman torn between the life her parents have planned for her and the world she experiences after meeting a musician from the wrong side of the tracks.

The film debut the song "What My Heart Says" with promotion of her third album All Eyez on Me The film was released on April 30, and in Felicity and American Dreams playing Mary Wells, singing "My Guy". InMonica contributed chorus vocals for " I've Got who was monica dating Have It ", a collaboration with Jermaine Dupri and rapper Nas.

Released as the Big Momma's House theme song, the song saw minor success in the United States only. The following year, she released the Ric Wake production track " Just Another Girl ", recorded for the Down to Earth soundtrack, as a single. A year later, Monica channeled much of her heavily media-discussed experiences into the production of her third studio album, All Eyez on Meher first release on mentor Clive Davis newly founded J Records label.

Billboard Hot chart. It eventually who was monica dating a gold certificationand has sold over one million copies domestically. The Makings of Me, Still Standing, and reality television[ edit ] Towards the end ofMonica released her next studio album The Makings of Me. It's less like who was monica dating a piece of journalism, and more like picking up the receiver and listening in on someone else's phone call. Monica has kinda had a crazy life, which includes a former engagement to rapper C-Murder, who is currently facing 25 years to life for murderand witnessing the suicide of her drug dealing boyfriend, which Jamie was all over, in her special way: That is a hell of a thing.

Do you relive that sometimes? Or is that just gone? Oh, it never just leaves. You just relive it over who was monica dating over.

Monica Back in Spotlight After Tragedy

Is Monica A Homewrecker?

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